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NBA post game win expectancy UPDATE

In an earlier post I outlined how I’m analyzing basketball games using a post game win expectancy model and comparing it to the actual results. The results have been an excellent predictor of the next game of the series after comparing what actually happened in the game versus what their stats/possessions tell us. (Predicting which […]

NBA 1st Round post game win expectancy model

  Here are post game win percentages and scores for this year’s NBA first round playoffs based on pre-game market expectations versus what actually happened in the game. Post game numbers are based everything in the box score. Taking into account pre-game stat expectations for each team and comparing them to actual results using a […]

Wednesday April 18, 2018 NBA Projections

NBA score projections for 4/18/18 playoff games. Team score, margin, and total game score. Indiana vs Cleveland, Utah vs Oklahoma City, & Minnesota vs Houston. Away Home Total Margin Home Margin Location Indiana Pacers 102.28 Cleveland Cavaliers 109.2 211.48 6.92 -6.92 4/18/2018 (Home) Utah Jazz 100.72 Oklahoma City Thunder 105.25 205.97 4.52 -4.52 4/18/2018 (Home) […]

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