Valid values are between 0 and 39

1. Enter away team and home team names.
2. Enter the final score for both teams.
3. Enter the total offensive yards for both teams.
4. Enter the turnovers for each team.
5. Enter the Las Vegas Spread (add a - sign for a home favorite, -7. Leave number as 7 for a road favorite)
6. Hit Go.

 TeamScoreYardsToSpread *
Away Team
Home Team 
* Add a - sign if home favorite


1. ATS-- Against the spread.
2. Act. Yds vs Act. Spread --How each team did using their yardage stats and turnovers.
3. Game should've been.. -- A scoring projection based on total yards gained using yards per point.
4. Win Margin-Final game margin.
5. Yds/TO spread conv.- A spread projection using total yards gained/allowed and turnovers.
6. Game tot-Acutal game total.
7. Yppt. Total-A total projection of how many points should've been scored based on yards.
8. W/L Projection-An estimation of the final score using yards and turnover margin.
9. Margin-A number each team "should've" won/loss by.
10. Actual Yds-Total yards gained in the game by the offense.
11. Score should've been..-A projection for a score based on the game stats and turnovers.
12. TO-Actual game turnovers.
13. Next Week-A computer generated suggestion for how a team may do next week. (Good, Bad, Play, Fade)
Good-Played as they were projected to do in the game.
Bad-Played below expectations for the game.
Fade-Played well below expectations for the game.
Play-Played better than final score and should be looked at next week.

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